Welcome to the Official Luton Atemi Ju Jitsu website!

Our club teaches International Atemi Ju Jitsu which involves all aspects of traditional Ju Jitsu. This style of Ju Jitsu was practised by the Samurai hundreds of years ago but has been constantly improved over recent years. Our syllabus consists of a variety of throws, takedowns, grappling, sparring, hold down / restraining techniques and various kicking and punching (striking) combinations.

A typical class begins with a warm up, rotating the neck, shoulders etc right through to the feet. Next we jog on the spot to raise the heart rate and warm up our muscles. Then we start stretching the legs, hips, shoulders and back which are required to be flexible when practicing Ju Jitsu.

After the warm up, we go through all the Break Falls (all taught within the Red Belt) which are required to prevent injury whilst being thrown. Next we partner up with someone of a similar Grade and go through throwing and takedown techniques which have been taught in previous lessons. This all takes aproximately 30-45 minutes which leaves plenty of time for learning new techniques and practicing the Syllabus.

Location and Further Information:

Classes take place Every Wednesday at the Parktown Community Centre, Bailey Street, Luton, LU1 3DU, Bedfordshire.

  • Children's Classes (Under 12 Years of Age) from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, 3.00 per person every week.
  • Adult's Classes (Above 12 Years of Age) from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, 5.00 per person every week.
  • License and Outfits (Gi) can be discussed after "officially" joining.